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I, REVIVAL lyrics : "St. Ignavi (feat. Shawn Spann of I The Breather)"

We are the makers of our honest decisions
The architect to our finest dreams
This is what it is

Mind over matter
Let's see you try and bring us down

We signed up without a clause
We can't see eye to eye
Proper oppression

Your answers are stagnant
We live for the rights of our lives so

Questions unanswered
Your judgements surrounded
By your fickle thoughts

Save your cries cause we've heard enough

Open your eyes for a new generation

We're finding ways to find salvation
Pushing and pulling your ways are confusing
We won't conform

Find your peace and your new beginning
We are no longer your slaves

Where are the things that you promised us?
We are people of our words

Where is your faith?
Your so called symbol of perfection
Undermines your fake principles

Should have made your mind up before the start
There's no end to deceiving

We'll never ask for the life that we know we'll regret
Save your cries cause we're at the end

The choices we make comes with stronger effect
Your feelings of hatred are no longer spared
Perfection in numbers is what you perceive

You're one step behind from all the joy you receive

Under ground, we'll push corruption under ground

We'll push corruption down to hell
We'll push corruption down to hell
We'll push corruption down to hell

Down to hell
We'll make our voices known to them

A foundation lies withing ourselves
We are the soldiers of tomorrow
If what you do isn't what you preach

You should find another way to teach

The odds are slim and your choices are weak

You will never see the end of it
Come what you may, we are ready for you!
Come what you may, we are ready for you!

We are the youth of our nation
The voices to our own traditions

Find your resolution
Stay true with yourself now and forever!

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