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I MOTHER EARTH : Rain Will Fall lyrics

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I MOTHER EARTH lyrics : "Rain Will Fall"

At the world go
Trying to understand

Electric wind blowin' like
A demon fan
Or a symphony of hatred

Blowin angst
Off an immaculate stage
How tranquil is an ocean

Before a storm
Like a silent play

Chanting thunder
Dance naked and I feel
So wired

It's a personal voodoo
Runnin' through my veins
Like blood

With inhibition long gone
and no real sense
of space or time

A weird vibration
Don't know my right
From wrong

Rain will fall

Poetry in motion
Both rolling
Both getting me high

A shiver went through me
A tidal wave
I only felt inside

It's an animal instinct
That takes us over
And we must survive

Four brothers make the mother
Four brothers form as one

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