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I MOTHER EARTH : Basketball lyrics

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I MOTHER EARTH lyrics : "Basketball"

I'm barefoot, bristling
On my rooftop, solid

So like this come of stars
Staring at me
Who's out there?

I can see the girl
Across the way
She can't see me

And I touch myself
With just a little bit of confusion
But I'm all alone

And that's all that matters

It's the chance

I'm taking
It's the danger I like

Within this
Euphoric kind of feeling
It's just a sex high

There ain't no waterfalls
There ain't no grassy grass here
Just a casual nod

And basketball
I don't mind
Cause I'm still alive

All thoughts and feelings
Under my ceiling

This city
Hangs a sensual tension

This city
Screams for more affection
Hitting it from all directions

Just a kid
With the past of a grown man

Sold my sex
In public places
To junked out [email protected]$)s

With yellow eyes
For their Times Square lives

Hit the river, swim in %#@!
But never
Tried to open my eyes

In the dark
I see dead young faces
Fix me up

And keep your Zen

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