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I Fight Dragons : Save World Get Girl lyrics

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I Fight Dragons lyrics : "Save World Get Girl"

In the thick of it
Nowhere to run away

Not today


That's the trick of it
No more to lose and so
Here we go now

Dont turn around
We want a show

Time has run out
Don't let us down

You save the world

You get the girl
No more waking up

Finding that you're not enough for everyone
You save the world

Keep moving
Now you started it
It's all come down on you

What to do?

Find something

At the heart of it
That tells you where to go
Even though now

They found you out
Your cover's blown

The future's in doubt
You're on your own


If you

Could do
Anything you want to
Would you

Come through
Or would you decide to let it go?


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