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I AGAINST I lyrics : "Ideals"

i always thought that we were sane 'cause we were the ones that
walked against the grain. but man i was wrong. 'cause you turned
out to be the kind of guy we always used to fight. 'cause man

you've changed.... i remember times when we were strong. but now
you're not so strong. i never thought we could be wrong. but now
you're all so wrong.... i always thought that we wouldn't

change, that our struggle against this society of hate could
never be stopped. but as you grew up you started to change. you
started to do the things we used to hate. so who are you now?

back the in 1995 when you had changed your life. i now just
don't know you no more. you changed your life for sure. and now
you go along with the grain so now you're a person we used to

call insane. ever thought about that? you couldn't stop, you had
to be free. so what you did is turn your back on me and i
thought we were friend

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