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HUSSEIN FATAL lyrics : "Letter To Pac"

Yeah, I know it's long overdue
Hussein Fatal, Thugtertainment

It's a letter to my homeboy, it's my dog
You know what I'm talkin' 'bout, it's my dog
Since the air ways been clear for like ten years

I thought I might write him a letter

[Verse 1]

Dear Pac, I shed a teardrop, missin' you and Yak for years
You changed my life man, I wish you was there
That night up in the MGM Grand, can't undastand

They gang bangin', nobody had a gun in they hand
Shot you down in the streets like President Kennedy
And we still pourin' out henessey for your memory

Setcha calmed down, Malik gettin' grown now
Resemble E.D.I a little bit, but he got his own style
Roddy shot Yak, Mu took the shahada I had another baby girl and I named her

Her middle name your last name, her family tree
I can't help but think where we would be

Out on Crenshaw, Slauson', flossin' how we used to
Ridin' down sunset, bangin' the Juice Crew
Everybody takin' your songs and remixin''em

Mixtapin' are them joins so we don't get chips from them
Haters still hatin', I can't get no air play
It's rumors that you still here, but that's just here say

Snoop ain't reachin out to us, neither is Suge
He catchin' slack over your murder, so he ain't doin' good
Noble and E.D.I still on the grind

Keishia doin' her thing and Nuttso keep it real all the time
^!$$%s miss you with them Sunkist sodas and all your jokes
The older brother I never had, ^!$$%, the dope

The greatest of all times, actin', rhymes, politically speaking,no silly
ass punch lines
Treach took it hard when they murked you, brought us closer together

Though, since now he a part of my circle


^!$$% we miss you. Straight up. I know I can speak for all the homies on
this side
We all miss you. And it's more than just a song, my ^!$$%. Cause that ain't

'bout nothin'
We did 400 of those in one year, ya heard me?

[Verse 2]
Ain't nobody lookin' out, I know they all hated you

I wonder how %#@! would've been if you'dve made it through
I can't believe they got you, you know how me and Yak do
I would've rolled out on them ^!$$%s before they popped you

And everybody feelin' us, but ain't feelin' the pain
I'm up against all odds, but I'm still in the game
What's wrong with these poo putts, how's it all over?

And I'll come out squeezin' if I can start it all over
Tha mainstream ain't feelin' the laws, it seem weird now
We don't get the spins like before, cause you ain't here now

Only God can judge me, but tell that to these ^!$$%s
Learned one thing from Death Row, and that's how to read ^!$$%s
But now I'm back home on the east coast

They know I'm 'bout that thug life, so I keep my heat close
At least most wanted, ^!$$%s like us don't live too long
That's why I had to put this pain in this song

And if nothin' else, tell Storm, Yak, Gade, and Big
I'll see 'em soon but for now, later my nigg

Pac, I miss you ^!$$%
And we still mobbin' out here for all ya'll

One love to all y'all ^!$$%s

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