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Husky : The Woods lyrics

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Husky lyrics : "The Woods"

I went walking in the woods today
Found a path that led me astray
I couldn't leave it

On the bank of a river beneath the trees
I stripped down naked and fell to my knees

I washed my sins away

Morning came and gave the truth away

I wondered if I'd ever return
But as you say, time will pave the way
I just sit and watch our kingdom burn

I went walking in the woods tonight
Trees looked wicked by candlelight

I heard them whispering your name

Far away I saw the city lights

The dreams of mankind burning bright
It was so beautiful

Morning came and took my fear away
I wondered if I'd ever learn
But how will we explain the mistakes we made

When my fear will surely return

I went walking on my own

Bright eyed spirits guided me home

I went walking in the woods today

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