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Husky : No One Compares lyrics

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Husky lyrics : "No One Compares"

Verse 1
I do this for Jesus, to strengthen other believers,
Hoping others will see us, and then they'll wonder who he is

Open up the doors for the Spirit to move forth,
Peace to enter in, then they'll know whose the true Lord
Yahweh, the true God, I'll give Him all the glory

Your way? Nah way, earthly things bore me
To Him, never turn my back, you can 'av a laugh at that
He's in the past, present, future brother, seen the things before me

My vision is communities bowing down towards the Father
Ima live out my vision even though it may be harder
Than sitting about, drowning out the locals all around us

Acting like we're cowardice but the silent are the powerless
My passion overwhelms me to the point I can't let go
Reminding me of times with my lost and lonely soul

Reminding me of days of wasting, achieving selfish goals
And thinking what I'd have given, just to living in the know

Am I weak cos I weep and fall to my knees in prayer?
Thanking God for the life he provides, and he's always there
Thought of a life I've left behind where the devil lied without a care

Taking my life on a ride when I was completely unaware
With the direction I've been given I've found the perfect position
On the path of heavenly living to start living out my vision

I ain't missing the Lords will, so I listen to his decision
Heavenly provision that you could never envision

I do this for Him, I'm giving the highest glory to the mightiest king,

I need no other reason, 'cept the fact that I'm still breathing.
So I'll live my life to please Him, trust me brother,

Verse 2
I can't help but thank the Father for keeping my life for this long

And there's no other reason that I would be writing this song
I pray you keep holding on his love provided so strong
El Shaddai, if I should die, at least I kept my soul strong

If death comes round the corner then I'm ready for it
Cuz my sins have been forgiven and I didn't pay a penny for it
Hard to ignore, was beaten and battered and more

All for the sake of love and stupid things we did before
But now I wanna pay it back, paper and pen
I'm giving up my life to you and asking you to send

Send me where you want me Father, tell me and I'm there
It's like a lesson and your testing to see if I really care
But you know where my heart's at, you don't need to ask that

Represent the Father even if I'm getting laughed at
Trust me mate I'm past that, I know I'm on the fast track
To living without sinning, and I'm winning, I'm on the last lap!

Can't wait until I get there, right now I feel like Paul
Feel I'd rather be with Christ but I got a job to do

Gotta tell em He's for em, instead of sitting ignoring
I'm ready standing here pouring, my heart out listen it's truth
My God is patiently waiting, while you're sitting debating

Whether he's truth or he's fake and I know you're burning for proof
But there's millions like me, hope they're feeling just like me
Are you burning inside for a chance to tell 'em of Christ?

Chorus x2

Passion never been for music, passion always been for Christ
Thought I'd use my passion for Christ and use it in my lines

Passion never been for music, passion always been for Christ
You should see the way that he's changing so many peoples lives! x2

Vamp/Part 2
I get so frustrated cos I can't articulate the,
Wonders of my Saviour, if you're with me feel how sick it makes ya

I can never get it down in words, I can't make a sentence of it
If you're not feeling my frustration get a sense of it
From me cos I'm so lost, wanna paint the perfect picture

Scribe a picture perfect description till the Spirit hits ya
Caught up at the very start tryna use the word 'Like'
But there's nothing like Him so it's futile when I first write
So I'll bring it back to basics, read of what the scripture says
Quote the words of His prophets and His many witnesses

Those who saw Him pouring out His heart and now adore Him
Heard His calling, to the point of no return and died for Him
My heart, He's got a hold of this, amazed by His holiness
I see no return for me, but please don't be concerned for me
Cos I don't wanna return to be, the man that I was once before

Now more and more with less decorum I hit the floor in awe of the Lord

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