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Husky : Instead Of Me lyrics

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Husky lyrics : "Instead Of Me"

Verse 1
A good fella in the sight of many earthly eyes
Till I saw my error and discovered that this heart was blind

Never hurt nobody else and I obeyed the law
I kept myself to myself, cos I knew the score
What you do comes back to you harder

But just in case let me pray to the Father
Oh yeah, religious, from birth I've been attending church
More superstitious, I didn't know the prayer could work

I'd plead my case that I was good, look at the work I've done
To earn some brownie points, I'd act the Good Samaritan
Outweigh the bad, but in the end 'Only God Can Judge'

And I was told that he was cool, they told me God is love
So on the scale; I think I'm good, I guess he's pleased with me
So I'll just carry on with life, I'm living decently

But there's something that's been bugging me considerably,
If I can save myself, then why was Jesus killed for me?

When I survey my life,
And then the cross of Christ,

No it don't seem right that you were there instead of me

Verse 2

If you could see inside my mind, you'd see a different guy
But I'll just keep that to myself, no need to see inside
Don't wanna see the hatred, the murder on my heart

But if you test my patience then you won't have to ask
You'll see the overflow; my mouth will tell you what's been hidden
And you could tell from my jokes the lustful life I'm livin'

These small seeds that I feed when I'm in the quiet place
But keep that quiet please, cos I don't think that I could face
Another grilling from my Miss's bout why I've been missing

All up in my face and telling me that I don't listen
But honestly I gotta say that most the time she's right
And I know that I'm the problem every time we fight

I'm drawn to selfishness, man I need some help with this
It's seems my secret problems overflow into my every act
It's like it's slavery, I thought it was a slave to me

But it seems that I'm the slave, and I'm in need of setting free!


Verse 3
I set some boundaries, but they never stopped desires

I tried suppress the flicker, but they only caught on fire
I tried ignoring it in turn I substitute what's right
We're called to holiness, but I prefer the selfish life

New heart, new desires, this is what I need
And I was told this is why Jesus bled for me
Not just my actions, but my thoughts, yeah, my very nature

Have become tampered with and break the heart of the Creator
Falling short to cause a split in our relationship
Punishment, death, but it's life that he came to give!

Christ died on the cross, then he rose and lives
Only through faith in Him we have restored relationship
He took my blame and hung it with Him as my substitute

Penalty gone! Sin, no longer friends with you! (peace! )
Now through his Spirit he's reforming and reshaping me
To restore the image of the Lord like I was made to be!

Chorus x2

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