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Husky : He Must Increase lyrics

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Husky lyrics : "He Must Increase"

Verse 1
He must increase, we must decrease
That's why we say, 'die' to flesh daily, till it decease

Got called out, that's why I moved out my folks' house
No other reason why I moved from my home town
The comfort zone, the family home, maybe I'll return there

But for now, looking round, seen God has a plan here
It's funny I made 'Use Me', so He sent me down the road and
First time I heard I was like, 'I don't wanna go man! '

Motto round my home church was 'man up'
It's fellowship with those guys that has helped me to stand up,
Step out a different place for increase

So I moved out; a different place but in peace.
But I'm not gonna lie though, at first I found it difficult
Found it hard to find peace when life turned uncomfortable

Didn't really like the change, it's different from the usual
But this is God's will, so I'll be here

We don't want the spotlight, fame, all that nonsense,
We just wanna lift His name in our concerts,

Even when there's no stage know we are on this
We just gonna point to the saviour like John did

Verse 2
But this is nothing from the other stories that I've heard
People told 'deny Christ! ', but much rather die first

Man, it's got me wondering, how can I complain
When these people risk it all and they seeing death as gain! ?
Paul said he'd rather be with Christ, but he had a job to do

Not empty words, cos you can read he followed through
There's people out there that are living life identical
I get my monthly letter written by Release:potential

About the persecution, but authorities deny it
Would I still preach even if I died trying?
John 3:30, gotta increase the name of Christ

But is my own name in the way, and bigger in my life?
I must decrease, I must completely be
Just a vessel, so it's not even me you see

But Jesus, cos He's completely driving us
So forget my name OK, I'll remain anonymous!

Chorus x2


Lift Him higher, Lift Him higher in my life,
Lift Him higher, Lift Him Higher x2

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