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HUEY MACK : So this is goodbye lyrics

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HUEY MACK lyrics : "So this is goodbye"

Uh, Feel Like I'm at the point of no return.
I've seen too much hurt and too much pain,
too little faith and too much strain.

I've got big goals and even bigger dreams,
way beyond the point of reaching fame.
I've got a good girl and she loves me,

she stuck around when everything got ugly and help me
conquer my

saw the evil in me and looked right past it.
My mom used to sayI'm just like my dad, and it killed
me because she

was right.
But I don't wanna be like this no more, no more rum to
help me sleep

at night.
I'm gonna fight my demons and hope I win, no more
depression gotta

hold my chin, up to the sky, up where it's high, they
say better days are
comin' i just hope I''m alive.

I say goodbye, to the person I used to be, ohhh.
Goodbye, to it all,

Hello to tomorrow.

Every things gone wrong what happened to my plans,

every thing that
was great all seems so bland.
I've lost my taste, I've lost my touch, everything I do

I do it for the rush.
Cuz I got trapped in a world full of drugs full of

full of girls, full of friends who could all turn fake.
Wonder how much more I can take,
In my own house I'm becoming out of place.

And I hate this %#@! I gotta leave this mess,
I burn this weed down to relieve my stress,
generic as it is the truth comes out.

Cuz yellow bricks ain't on my route.
I picked the world I'm on, it ain't no easy one,
feel like I've been looking down the barrel of a loaded

It's time I face my fears for once, maybe I'll see ya
in a couple months


I'm sick of being sick, I'm losing my youth
doing drugs just to get a lil boost,
my mama always tell me that you better speak the truth,

but she don't wanna know bout all the %#@! that i do.
so i just separate myself till she got bad health
thought it i struck well that might $#&@ing help

but it wont money wont buy life
so im sitting here hoping she's alive at night.
hoping i can hold her close in my arms so tight

promise her everything gonna be alright
like she did back when i was a kid
i know she cant be proud by the way that i live

so i'm, gonna change
this a fresh start
i've been dumb in the past but imam get smart

imam change, i can promise that
you gave me everything, and imma give it back


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