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HUEY MACK : Pretending Perfection lyrics

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HUEY MACK lyrics : "Pretending Perfection"

I don't really know what the future gonna hold
I just want the things that I dreamed to come true

I don't really know all the things you've been told
Just wanna tell the story of the boy named Hue
And I don't really know what's left in store

But I ain't pretending perfection no more

[Verse 1]

They say I'm not a star and they're probably right
But I didn't work my whole life to take their advice
Don't look like Channing Tatum, can't sing like JT

But one thing I will never do is let it break me
Opposite of a winner, cards on the table, I bust
But for once it's time to say enough is enough and fight back

They used to say I was a wanna-be but the thing about me is
I can be whoever I wanna be, I've been down, I can make it rich or poor
And the only time I'm ever selling out is on tour

So if I say I'm a winner, then I'm a mother $#&@ing winner
Time to give them something they can remember


[Verse 2]

I'm really just like you
Never thought I'd be a rapper

Just did it cause it was cool
Just a stubborn kid, I was never supposed to be this
At first they were Lindsay Lohans, everybody was the meanest

Now they got high hopes for me
I'm the $#&@ing voice
For these average $$# kids who never had a choice

But to follow the leader and go to class
Make 60k in a year, then get half of that %#@! taxed
So I dropped out, gave up everything in hopes to get something

My mom lost hers, so I get her the crib she wanted
And from where I stand my fans were the only help
Told the label I'll call them later and did it myself


Always knew who I was gonna be
Never been who they want from me

All alone, all by myself
Did my own thing without no help
Tried to tell me, tried to sell me short

But I determined my worth
From that West Virginia dirt
My gift, my fear, my curse


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