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HORRORSHOW : Thought Crime (Doin' My Think) lyrics

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HORRORSHOW lyrics : "Thought Crime (Doin' My Think)"

Verse 1
Hold up, let me backtrack through the catalogue
The scribbled thoughts of a good for nothing vagabond

MC's is sheep, me, I'm a cattledog
Herd 'em up and cunvert 'em like digital to [email protected]#^ogue
From sydney to Babylon and back

We on track, Tryna put the food for thought rap back on the map
Cos they hungry for some substance, I've seen it in their faces
They questioning the bargain wanna know that's the basis

See some people say I think too much
So I had a think about it and I think that they should shut the $#&@ up
If I knew how to silence all the voices in my head

Then I would, but I can't - so I listen to 'em instead
And right now they telling me that I should be double cheching your pedigree
Cos I ain't buying what half of you're selling me

Elefant Tracks got the rights to the territory
And ain't a sigle person yet guessed the recipe
So we back in the kitchen just working on the flavours

Go and help yourself now, don't be a stranger
Go on and shake what your mama nature gave ya
Let me see you on your baddest behaviour

See when it's all said and done it's about more than fun

Cos there's still original thought left under the sun
We tryna get your mental moving in sync and I'ma keep on doin' my think
See when it's all said and done it's about what was said

Girls move ya bodies and the fellas nod their heads
We tryna notify your next of kin
All my people keep doing your think

And raise your voice and sing

Verse 2

See there's music that makes you dance, music that makes you feel
No longer am I sure which one I think is more ?real?
Cos if we, could 50 cent all our problems away

Then there'd be nothing left for the thinkers to say
But not today - so we back with some more rhythms
Can I interest anybody in a little bit of thoughtcrime?

If you're sick of being taught what to like
Hypnotise you, that's why they play it all day and all night
So while they bumping watered down product on the airwaves

The truth ain't getting no airplay, cos it ain't all that catchy
But I'ma get it off the ground like an airplane
I'm flyer than Frank Abagnale, you can't catch me

So fingers crossed that they didn't noticed that I had my fingers crossed
When I told them that they was the dopest
Cause I wouldn't want to cease no offence

That's why I'm taking pot shots with my rifle while I'm sitting on the fence
Ayo we drop hot flows, rocking op shop clothes
Prolly catch me standing out the front the $#&@ing cop shop stoned

Deep in thought - kid Solo representing Horrorshow
And I'm out like I gotsta go


You can do it put some thought into it

C'mon, I can do it put some thought into it
C'mon, You can do it put some thought into it
C'mon, I can do it put some thought into it

C'mon, You can do it put some thought into it
C'mon, I can do it put some thought into it

Put some thought into it (repeat x 20)

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