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HORRORSHOW lyrics : "The Show"

Check, one two
Yo Adit, we good to go man? (yeah man)

Well alright, let's start the show

What's up? Nick's the name, that's my man Adit

We took a quick break but $#[email protected] it, we back at it
with Part Two, brought to you in part
by the laughs and the tears, and all the places that we've passed through

It's been a hell of a ride the past few
and there's no ending in sight, we bout to let you inside
And %#@!, I'm not even tryna think about the finish line

Believe it's no game, but it ain't no race neither
We had to do it all at our own pace
Lessons learnt, bridges burnt and forks in the road faced

And I'd be lying if I said there weren't times that I was flying blind
Line by line tryna shine this little light of mine
We put the foundations down with no blueprint

I wrote my first song just to see if I could do it
Used to keep it top secret, leaked it and released it
Barely had our feet wet, got thrown in the deep end

Until all of a sudden, I'm in front of like three hundred
something people at the Annandale screaming and jumping
And I can't believe it, such a rush, what a feeling

It make me wanna raise up and touch the ceiling


Turntables and a mic and we ready to rock, right?
We put it down when we all up in the spot-light
Lights, camera, action, we ready to go

Horrorshow on the set, we just letting you know
It's like, setbacks and traps set on the job site
But the wicked don't rest so we on the grind

So this the motto that we follow
Whatever life throws at us, it don't matter
The show must go on

The show must go on

The show must go on
Yo, it must go on, the show must go on

On and on to the break of dawn
We'll stay up all night in the flight's in the morning
Catch me sprawled out in an airport lounge somewhere

Hungover as hell like "damn I love touring"
Or out in the middle of nowhere
But even if the budget is threadbare, believe we'll get there

Long days and nights, lost songs on hard drives
and there was one tour we even crashed the car twice (%#@!)
I juggle part time hustle like I'm living a double life

and spread myself thin like a butter knife
So buckle up and hold on, destination's unknown
But whatever, the show must go on

And things are looking up dude
I'm out on tour with people I grew up looking up to
And all this from the power of a mic check, one two

Now I got some other dreams I'm tryna make come true

[Chorus: 2X]

[Solo] - {repeat 2X}
The show must go on

The show must go on
The show must go on
Yo, it must go on, the show must go on

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Thanks to alexandra_feaa