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HORRORSHOW : Public Consumption lyrics

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HORRORSHOW lyrics : "Public Consumption"

Verse 1
Live and direct from the bottom of the atlas
We proudly present to you the product of the practice

We got em running for it like the clappers
The bass shake the place to the planet off the taxes
It seems some peeps have got it backwards

Please allow me to break it down like a fraction
In no Hollywood a model slash actress
You sleepin on me, I suggest you got a matress

The strangest things can happen from rappin
When thought turns to deed and talk into action
Growin up never really was a dreamer

Never woulda thought that Id be rockin these arenas
One life to lead, no exchange or refunds
Cant be diggin no repeats or reruns

Calm my nerves with a pocket full of reefa
Rock the spot blow the speaker ya'll know what it is
Better check yourself like you got your pockets picked

Oscar mike make you move like bobby fisher,
I aint bothered a bit if ya'll wanna diss
just following a script but me I'm on a mission

And I promise you this if you can take a few minutes
Out of your lifetime to bother to listen
You might find that its worth your while

Man $#&@ the limelight Im tryna make you smile
black mcs steady fighting for the top of the pile, whacking p's
telling lies like a crooked sun dile

Your inoscence blurred and hung trial
Enough to make you wanna leave it all and run wild
Turn up the dile on the public address

Let the people indicate a piece of it until theres none of it left
You recievin this loud and clear
Let me see your hands up like your tryna volunteer

From my home town to around the globe now
They proceed to download the flow and get down so
Aint no way no how to slow down

On your marks get set get ready now, go


This one here's for public consumption
Fit to make your head nod, get your blood pumpin'
Competition comes in dime a dozen

This one here's for public consumption
Raw rhymes, bass lines and percussion
Speakin' peace free your mind and discussion

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