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HORRORSHOW : Itchy Feet lyrics

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HORRORSHOW lyrics : "Itchy Feet"

He woke up, didn't really know how he got there
Wasn't too sure why neither

A believer of sorts
Just not too sure what sort of belief to believe in
So when the sun goes down each evening

he looks to the sky for a reason
Wonders what's behind the horizon
so he packs light and he's off and he's leaving

So he walks on looking for something
But just what it is, well he wasn't too sure
So he walked all day, then he walked all night

Then he walked all year, then he walked some more
Then he... then he stopped
Took a look around to just see where he'd got to

Didn't recognise the spot so he took it all in
Got his things, and he up and moved on

[Chorus: 2X]
We roam all over the planet looking for answers
Cross over timezones, connect the dots on the atlas

So as this world keeps turning around on its axis
On we march with itchy feet, there's always somewhere you could be

So he walked all over the land
Over snow and desert sands

Through valleys and mountains, cities and towns
When he got to the ocean he swam
When it was too far, he learnt to fly

Built a set of wings and he took to the sky
So he looked high and low
tryna find what it's like on the other side

And everywhere that he went he'd ask people questions
Swapped stories and traded perspectives
Each moving in different directions

Paths on the map just intersecting
And though the names and the faces changed
some things remained the same

And some spoke with words he couldn't understand
But some things you don't need words to say
And then one day, he looks back and sees how far he's come

All the faces he's met on the way since he left
from the place that he started from
All living off the food that they learnt how to grow

and the rules that they learnt to know
So he took everything that he'd learnt from them
and he set off to look for home

[Chorus: 2X]

{*beat changes*}

[Solo] - {repreat 3X}

Left, right, left, right
Catch me on the next flight
Onward through the dead of night

Searching for a fresh sky
Over land, over sea
Planet never goes to sleep

On we march with itchy feet
There's always somewhere you could be, say



He woke up, still didn't know how he got there
Still wasn't sure why either
A believer of sorts

Believes in the faith that he found in the places he's been in
When the sun goes down each evening
He's dreaming of somewhere scenic

Behind the horizon there's a whole world to see
He won't stop till he's seen it

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