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HORRORSHOW : In My Haze (feat Jane Tyrrell) lyrics

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HORRORSHOW lyrics : "In My Haze (feat Jane Tyrrell)"

Verse 1
(Both) I got the strangest, I got the strangest
I got the strangest feeling...

Somewhere underneath
We found a place with no rules to break
In a technicolour dream

Counting sheep but I'm wide awake
Looking round the room for proof
I plot the grain inside the wood

It's a lie that feels like truth
Cheap paint and lino never looked so good

Hook part 1
Lost in this maze, stay here for days
Wonder if we'll ever touch down

I'm outta place, in foreign space
Wonder if we'll ever touch down

Hook part 2
(Jane Tyrrell) My face stuck on smile
(Solo) Stay down here a while

(Jane Tyrrell) Please don't touch the dial
(Both) We can unwind and just be free
(Jane Tyrrell) Just sink into the couch

(Solo) No time for thinking bout
(Jane Tyrrell) So I'll do without
(Both) I don't mind that's fine with me

But I'ma spark up a thought off every surface in this room
And just sit back and watch it all ablaze
I know I've strayed off my course and I'll have to leave here soon

But for now won't you leave me in my haze
(Jane Tyrrell) Just leave me in my haze

Verse 2
(Solo) I think pigs might fly, either that or my
Or my eyes telling me white lies

Thug life on the bathroom wall
The 1-up got me watching the wallpaper crawl
Now the storm clouds gather and we at it again

Feels so real to me that I don't have to pretend
And when my head finaly did come back together
I was still the same but changed forever

It's like (Both) if these walls could talk
They might explain the wear and tear
But it's the same now as before

There's nothing left of what happened here
?(Solo) still the same but changed forever, it's like"

Hook part 1 x2

Hook part 2

Verse 3
(Both) Some say too much of a good thing

But to me there's on such thing
I just, just have to let this thing be good me
So I'll be gone for a while

Hide and seek behind my smile
But for now I'm not around so don't look for me

Don't look for me (repeat x8)

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