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HOODIE ALLEN : Sticks And Stones lyrics

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HOODIE ALLEN lyrics : "Sticks And Stones"

You won't hear me creepin' up on you...
Hell No

Yep, I bring out my chick out to Ibiza
Just to grab a slice of pizza

Put my CD in her speaker
Yeah, it's really nice to meet ya
Ain't no monstah, Ain't no creature

I'm online, Ain't no creeper
I'm a Thomson, I just beat ya
Out my mind, so let me teach ya

Just to beat the beat Thabeat
Till we bag 'em up
I live in a secret world like Alex Mack

So you don't have to drag it up
Writin' 'till there's noone left like Agatha
Christie, pretend little Indian girls all miss me

They build me up and fix me
Throw me out like I'm a frisbee
But my whole team got that distance

And your whole team might be history
So please show me all that money (money)
Trying to feel up Nicki

There's too many people biting
And I told them I hate hickey's
It's a mystery

Who done done it?
You are history
Done done done with

If you pitch me
One one hundredth
Then these other rappers done with

Cause there's something in my stomach
Call it guts, I call it dumb %#@!
I keep all of these women in my room like they're punsished, yo

It's hard to say what my future holds exactly
But yeah, I gotta love my odds like a mathlete
Oh yeah, I gotta love my odds as a black sheep

The kid with no rap sheet but all I do is rap %#@!
I'm first in class, a prodigy
Orders at me, my mobb's so deep, I'm Prodigy

Hitting me with stick and stones don't bother me
I ignore the wannabe's cause honestly they're not what I would wanna be
So part of me, please let me exit through the gift shop

My motivation is never waiting for %#@! to pop
Got some new friends, where they go when the hit stop
Time's kinda funny, let me trap it in my wristwatch

Watch what's next
Cable television, chicken pox, and stress

Groupie love is kinda like obnoxious sex
Cause I love myself and yeah, that's that
So we can wait until we go and make it major league

Celebratin' with people who are secretly hatin' me
My neighbors, they just wave at me, they're nice, they are my favorite

They never tell me keep the noise down when my neighbor sleeps
Well, that's the hard labor, and I ain't into that
So $#&@ money, Ima put this on the internet

Donde eres, tu girlfriend, she's in my bed
Why isn't she with you? She isn't into that
Uh, yeah, I'm bilingual

So this is just a hot record, this is not a single
Pop pop pop
Motha$#&@a, I'm a Pringle

Millionaire matchmaker, makin' yall mingle

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