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HOODIE ALLEN : Same As Before lyrics

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HOODIE ALLEN lyrics : "Same As Before"

[Intro: Hoodie Allen]
Uh, I'll admit it, I'm a misfit
And I never really fit in with the rich clique

Cause they're buying all the tables at the night club
That's the only time they gettin' $#&@ed, up
Will I feel bad, will I miss this?

Cause the stories that you telling sound suspicious
Said you hooked up with a dime at a frat house
But you didn't get a picture of it, wow!

[Verse 1: Hoodie Allen]
I don't mean to sound braggadocio

But if you compare the way we live and I start to boast
And I be in and out of cities all up the coast
Thinkin' about life that's somewhat stable, I start the show

Yeah, okay, examining it properly
Livin' out of new hotels is like Monopoly
New Girl, show, don't tell me that's monogamy

Cause every time new things beginnin' is when I gotta leave

[Hook: Jared Evan]

Give me a ride home
I don't know where I put my keys
Everything I know (everything I know)

It doesn't matter much to me
Is there a way out, cause I just wanna leave
When the lights go down, and the time is now, you rolling with me

[Hook: Hoodie Allen]
I'm sure, I'm more, than what I may appear

Tonight, is mine, so who's been livin' here
Been gone, too long, it's like this every year
On and on, will it be the same as before?

[Verse 2: Hoodie Allen]
Yeah, and if I'm leaving out my old room

Will you take the pictures and posters I don't move
And all the things I scribbled down in my notebook
Or will you sell it cause makin' money is all good

We'll stay a minute and we'll see just where the nigh go
Bad (*##$es, I'm breaking them down, Walter White flow
I got a white tux, pocket fulla nitroglycerin

Glowin' up like tonight is Christmas
I'mma give a little, take a little, remind you of Robin Hood
And I ain't stoppin' til my momma good

Gotta dream house in the Hamptons, couple cars, and a mansion
I ain't Clipse, my rap money is ransom
So what you thinkin' this rap money is handsome

Let me talk to you, my rap money is Sampson
So tell me if you got some other plans
Cause I'd love to reminisce but if you don't I understand just...

[Hook: Jared Evan]

[Outro/Hook: Hoodie Allen and Jared Evan] [x2]

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