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Honeyhoney : Back to you lyrics

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Honeyhoney lyrics : "Back to you"

Those dirty things
You say to me
Still hang above my bed

Climb down from the ceiling
Rest upon my head
Painted on my arms

Works have all gone wrong
And, I'm wondering babe
When it's coming back to you

I'm reaching like baby
tugging on your sleeve
I'm missing all the good things now

That I'm too small to see
Oh, my arms they get so tired
From hanging on this wire

Why won't you catch me
And I'm wondering when it's coming back to you now
Oh, no I'm wondering when it's coming back to you

Oh, no, ou oh
I'm tied up, tired of feeling sorry for myself
And you walk so light, cuz it don't phase you

I've got that ball, and chain you swang around to stake your claim, ain't gonna save you.
Oh, no
I know what goes around come back around, comes back around

Your words they sound like dirt to me, scraped up off the ground.
It gets hard to breathe
When it's stuck between your teeth

Don't look to me
Don't look to me now
Cuz I'm not coming back to you

Oh no
I'm not coming back to you babe,
oh no oh ouuu

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