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Hit The Lights lyrics : "Head Over Heels"

I miss the way you make me feel
so cold and alone, so cold and alone
i miss the way you make me wait

by the telephone to tell you i'm trying to get by
learning how to tie my own noose
because you win and i lose

it's been so hard but you've been so smooth

so play it off and pretend

you never know what you got yourself into
i'll play it off and pretend
i never meant a word i said

now i'm starting to realize
that getting lost in your eyes
was the worst move, you win and i lose

forever isn't long enough
to get over giving so much up

to someone who will throw it all away
and a smile can only hide so much
i choose death over your touch

i fell head over heels into my grave

i count my lucky stars

i thank God i've seen a smile like yours
but don't take it as a compliment
just know it's straight from the heart

now i'm driving around yeah to get lost
just to find myself at any cost
if i hit the brakes my heart will stop

i'm taking comfort in the dark
i keep saying i know your not mine
but i'm praying that you'll be alright

because it's hard to let go of the ones you love
and i keep hoping for the best
as this wound heals in my chest

i know one day my best will be enough

i miss the way you make me feel so cold and alone

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