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High School Musical 3 lyrics : "Miss Is Coming To Here"

I see her standing there
By her front door
The way she looks at me

It seems as though we've never met before
And I'm hoping that nothing has changed
For I've been on the road so long

And I start regretting leaving her alone at all

So here I stand alone

And there she is
Exchanging glances
And so I close my eyes

I search of the words to tell her

The I miss her

But now I'm home
I left all my troubles back on the road
I'm here, but soon we're gone

And I'll have to find the strength to carry on
On the road
I watch the cars go past

Watching as we slowly descend south
And far away from where we'll meet again at last
But I know that there's nothing wrong

And I wonder what you will say
But for now I've got your picture
I'll be okay

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