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High School Musical 3 lyrics : "I Was Thinking About Everything"

You've always stood beside me,
And no matter what you say,

I will be here until forever.
So we'll join hands; here and now,
Embrace the future willingly,

And enter into tomorrow.


I was thinking about yesterday
And laughed as I remembered
The memories,

I was thinking about everytime,
Every moment we were together,
And even if I cry,

You'll still be here tomorrow.


Give me some understanding,
To help me walk this through,
Let me know you'll stay forever.

I was thinking about Everyday
When you were here beside me.


[Troy & Gabriella:]

Another day gone,
And these words
Have been left unsaid,

I was thinking,
About everytime,
And every moment,

That they never were,
You can have them now.

I was thinking about yesterday
When I couldn't tell you,

I was thinking about tomorrow
When it might be too late
I was thinking about now,

And everytime I wanted to say,
I love you.

[Troy & Gabriella:]
Hold me tight,
Don't let go

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