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Hester Prynne : The Courtship Of Wolves And Sharks lyrics

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Hester Prynne lyrics : "The Courtship Of Wolves And Sharks"

I always loved the way you wore your beauty
As if it were a noose around your neck
Now that your suicide has been recited

(*##$ go ahead and hang yourself

If they only knew the disgusting truth

They would never question the evidence

What was that you said?

What was that you said again?
"the thought of love is like a bullet, better off in your head"
I'll make sure to keep that in mind while i'm picking out our headstone

And i'll make sure it reads our $%&^$%&^x name

A thousand dollar ring doesn't make a $%&^xx a queen

But if it makes you happy
You can wear in on your knees
Show him how well you please

Tell him how much it means to
Leave them with your disease

I wrote down every time
I would rather die than see your $%&^$%&^x face
Imagine that, it's quite the lengthy list

It all began with you
So let it end with you

It all began with you
And now it ends

I wrote down every time
I would rather die than see your $%&^$%&^x face

What was that you said...
"our love is a bullet?"
You've got the trigger, $%&^$%&^x pull it

Pull it... and end this $%&^$%&^x suffering

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