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Hester Prynne : Casketing lyrics

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Hester Prynne lyrics : "Casketing"

Those pretty eyes beg my forgiveness
You trick (*##$, i'm better off with slit wrists
How many !@$(s did you convince that you were in love with them, while you were $%&^$%&^x all his friends?

You filthy piece of %#@!
I want you dead before my eyes

Her lips trip the guillotine, collecting heads as trophies
Taking names and digging graves

Beware the wraith with an angels eyes
A great deception, angels were meant for heaven

That doesn't mean i would like to be the one to show you how $%&^$%&^x empty you are

Let's see how much it means for you to have the last word

Will you struggle to speak even with your lips sewn?

I am the horror of your dreams

Horror. and you will never wake up

My embrace won't let you go, to the grave it follows

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