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Hester Prynne : An Ambulance In Traffic lyrics

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Hester Prynne lyrics : "An Ambulance In Traffic"

A bitter end to what once was so promising
I'll always miss that pretty mouth

I've got a casket with your name,
And a perfect resting place
Waiting for your beautiful body

So get your finest dress, you're going out in style

Are you ready my darling?

To be drugged out and shot in your beloved face
So you can see what lust has done to us
It's a perfect mess

Tonight the swine prevail
At least i'm free from her

Tonight the swine prevail
At least i'm free from hell

Here lies the king,
Besides his cherished queen
As they rot

Walk with me to the fire
Stroke the flame... this is where they'll find your remains

Waiting for your last request, just as i'd expect
The same dead as we first met... screaming silence

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