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Hester Prynne : All Roads Lead To Hell lyrics

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Hester Prynne lyrics : "All Roads Lead To Hell"

Break your $%&^$%&^x neck while you're holding your head screaming out
"when the $%&^x will this curse end?
If i die tomorrow will you leave me flowers on my grave?"

And when your eyes are rolled back in your head, remember what i said
"one day you'll regret...
One day you will regret ever tying your arms onto a burning bridge"

Now you've got a gun and the intention to put a bullet in your head?
Well go ahead, just make it easy

Just make it easy on yourself, no one can help, or so your demons say

With a single shot you say goodbye, and wear the hole in your head as if you're keeping a promise, just keep it to yourself

And when they search the home, their eyes are scarred forever.

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