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HELL RELL : Ya'll Dont Want War lyrics

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HELL RELL lyrics : "Ya'll Dont Want War"

You already know
Shotty you got em with this one

Hell Rell
Dipset (c'mon)

Y'all ^!$$%z don't really want a war man (nope)
Cause I'll bring the %#@! to your door man (damn right)

I'll have your family pickin up some coffins (let's go)
That's what you get for $#&@in with a boss man

I went from, drastic measures to drug measures
[email protected]&@e price high like my mom's blood pressure

Beatin a ^!$$% half to death that's a thug's pleasure
You up North writin your girl all type of love letters
Baby when I get out, me and the streets is through

When I come home it's just about me and you
I'm in the cell next to you like - you sucker for love!
When I get out, I'ma pump me some drugs

Recruit me some thugs, have these ^!$$%z pitchin in the streets
So hungry they got saliva drippin from they teeth
And yeah I'm feedin 'em so they listenin to me

You stick a ^!$$% up we call it fishin in the sea
We use a (*##$ for the bait, throw her in the water
Wait for a ^!$$% to hook her and then his $$# is a goner

My life is based around bricks of [email protected][email protected]&&
I teach these lil' ^!$$%z how to get rich on the corner

[Chorus] - repeat 2X

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