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Hed Pe lyrics : "Foreplay"

You are now about to witness the power of Hardcore
Welcome to the pit mother $#[email protected]

Yeah, (*##$es
Guess who's back

Get the kids out tha room right now
Gonna get real dirty and %#@!

(Yeah, Daddy I was born to ride)


Mother $#[email protected] this is grown folks business
Let's get high
Let's get $#[email protected]

(I'll suck your dick, will you put it inside me)

This right here get you warmed up for the mother $#[email protected]' album
Let you know what's coming
This is like foreplay for you (*##$es

You can't just jump right in the #[email protected]
You gotta get that %#@! ready, man
You gotta play with the #[email protected]

Talk to the #[email protected]
Make friends with the #[email protected]
Take your mother $#[email protected]' time with the #[email protected] like this

(Get it wet first, get it wet)

Ok, right (x3)
Daddy gonna $#[email protected] it all night

I Dedicate this album to everybody out there born to ride down for life
Stay hard mother $#[email protected]
Most of all represent your self

Be yourself
Even though everybody around you's turning into a bunch of [email protected]$)gots
I can't stand this, man

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