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Heather Masse lyrics : "High-Heeled Woman"

I want a high-heeled woman
To make me feel small
I want a long-legged woman

I like em nice and tall
She'd be kicking up dirt
And picking up trouble

I want a high-heeled woman
You've got to reach up to cuddle
Give me that black-strapped, sling-back, patten leather mamma

I want a high-heeled woman
She'd make me holler

Well I'm a hard working man
I don't make much money
When my paycheck comes in

I can't waste one penny
But if you come home wearing red pumps of leather
Your feet catching fire making my whole day better

I'll spend all my money on your feet honey
I'll be your shoe sugar pappa
Buy you high-heels forever.

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Thanks to alexandra_feaa