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HEARTFELT lyrics : "The Riverside"

Walking along the riverside I once loved, I think to myself - how could I become so empty?
My reflection screams, "look at me in the face." I've become so empty.

I'm so sick of everything.

Something stirs inside of me, it's growing bold and what I hear is all these voices in my head.

I'm going nowhere, growing dead.
It's struggle every day when no-one seems to notice that this life inside is nothing like
all the lies that we live before we die.

I can see it right before my very eyes,
Nothing left to do but say goodbye.

And I know that I'll feel so much more alive
when I'm on the other side.

Hear me now,
I'm not sure what I'm thinking in my head.
When will I ever feel the sunlight on my skin again?

I don't know.

Force my face into the freezing river,

fill my lungs with something they can't stand so I will die.
Choking, heaving, rising from the water, I keep thinking to myself... I am nothing.

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