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He Is Legend : That's Nasty lyrics

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He Is Legend lyrics : "That's Nasty"

try and wrap your head around it.
how long have you been surrounded?
try to be alone and not lonely.

this is a familiar story.
so tired and so boring,
you don't wanna know if it don't involve me.

now you do what you want to do,
whenever you want to,
and that's just nasty.

now you do what you want to do,
whenever you want to,
but you got to leave me be.

you're trying to create a scandle
but you've got to find a different handle.
its not that bad just wait and see.

boy, you're missing out on everything.
every note you sing will burn your throat
like warm whiskey.

and you will not grow if you don't learn how
to breathe.
are we all alone in here? are we special? are we real?

is this what makes you feel alive?
i'm not feeling alive.

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