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HAYWIRE : I'm Blazing lyrics

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HAYWIRE lyrics : "I'm Blazing"

Sippin codeine, at the school,tripping, I don't need a hook, cause I am not fishing, my jewelry is over priced like college tuition, I have a vision, mother$#&@ an eye exam, well I examine hiphop, you can suck my big @@#!, your flow worn out like flip flops, I don't do no crip walk, homie that's my high step, tripping right now mane, what the $#&@ did I hit?,ain't no crashing my plane, $#&@ around with fly chicks, people ask if I'm sane, what I say? I tell em' no, I don't see no telescope,can't be seen, an envelop, is what my flow tighter then, I'm the %#@! you're hydrogen(odorless), finna pop some Vicodin, damn this spic is high again, he's $#&@s with Mary(weed), spider-man, what is it that's inside of him, an old man? Man don't lie to him, underage, but buying gin, how the hell he pull this off, all his peers is full of scoff, he finna pop a bullet off, man I'm lying, you know, your words are Lost(tv show) like Hugo, your ^&@#$ small like Pluto, I'm a super nova,move hoe, scratch that I'm a galaxy, no lottery, but battle me,hypocrisy is !@$)goty, so I ain't claiming nothing hoe, I'm just glad we $#&@ing hoe, trying to get some $#&@ing dough,^!$$% you already baked, finna get some icing, make a cake, cocaine butter, bake n' shake, purer then this nun I hate, concentrate to monster-ate is,beat since I'm obligated, verse discharged like ovulated, HayWire mane got all the basics, kill this even when he's wasted, how's my dick, hoe did you taste it, I don't copy, I just paste it, get that %#@!? Man I'm amazing, roll my weed up, yea I'm blazing,

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