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HAYSTAK lyrics : "Still You Doubted Me"

Represent, you act like this was the first time we done had to tell y'all
You can hear us though, you can hear us... in 4, 3, 2, 1

[Verse 1]
I was born a [email protected]$(, my mama was a baby

And she didn't have the skills it would ever take to raise me
Pops jumped ship and left us doin bad
I pretty much blame him for everything I never had

Fall back cuz I remember I was always mad
Constantly in trouble, I was always bad
Used to whip my $$# for stealin and skippin class

Just basically $#[email protected] up, they said I was nothing but a $#[email protected] up
Your $#[email protected] nuts, just wait and see
I can't wait to make them eat that %#@! they talk bout me

I'm gonna make granny proud of me
Be someone that I can be, proud to be
They ain't gonna make no $$# out of me

How did we, overcome such obstacles and setbacks
They told me I was average but I just couldn't accept that
Let that, be those words carved in my headstone

P. S. you hatin mutha$#[email protected] were dead wrong

[Chorus x2]

Told you mutha$#[email protected] I won, I was gon do it
I was gon do it, still you doubted me... still you doubted me

[Verse 2]
Day turn to night, I paid the cost for the fame

I was drawn to the game like a moth to a flame
Guess you could say I had a troublesome past
Rememberin talkin to mama, talking through glass

The look in her eye, boy I'm so sick of your $$#
You're never gonna change, you're just like your dad (damn!)
A look in her face that told me I was mistake

She wish she had never made, goes from back from in the day
What came from the grave, was a message she didn't wanna hear
Remember that trip from hell, well here's your little souvenir

Don't drink no Belvedere, I blow that killer smoke
I hit that volume button and let them guerillas go
You didn't know or see the growth through the concrete

Makin million dollars merely speakin over drum beats
Yes did, been telling you since I was a kid
And you was bonded, get on with that bull%#@!

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 3]
I rolled my eyes, as if to say $#[email protected] all y'all
All I ever had was my mutha$#[email protected] Paw Paw

My gramma, fed me catfish and coleslaw
I hit the weed then pass it to my road dog
I grip the steering wheel, I'm mashin gas pedal

(*##$, I'm gonna be here when the mutha$#[email protected] dust settles
Probably been off if I had just let go
I wonder where I'd be in life if I just said no

But life's too short for me to ponder questions I'll never answer
But why am I still smoking from all I've lost from cancer
At this point in life, all my worries are financial

And any losses that I have to take will be substantial
I'm not stopping because it's not an option
Get it straight, I'm not sweepin and not moppin

A mutha$#[email protected] thing, you get that boss
And all that real job talk just piss Stak off

[Chorus x2]

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