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HAYSTAK lyrics : "Easy to hate"

You think I'm surprised by the fact that you hate me? I hate myself the only difference between you and me is I got real reasons?

I stay so frustrated aggravated mad at me sick and tired of dealing with my inadequacies I look in the mirror and see every error I could stand there and point out flaws forever ill never be satisfied, could have always given more, I felt that way since I was a little boy, I hate it that I never filled my grandpas shoes ill never be the man he was no matter what I do you're just like me for being egotistical I'm on a non stop mission to be more original I push an push until I finally break through until I finally create something that's actually brand new but in doing so I've let my home go I'm not in control anymore, my daughter get an infection over the phone, my wife sleeps like a widow cold and alone I got hatred in my heart that I never work out like the fact I didn't make it to my grandpas house the last few minutes while he as still here with me I think about it everyday and I can never forgive me hate it that I don't get tot spend more time with Gotti and ima look up and she gonna be 9 I hate it that I waited until my Dad was on his death bed to man up and say things that I shoulda been said I hate it that I'm not a better husband and better father cause I'm caught up in being a better author I despise me I'm dirty and despicable with the nerve to complain I deserve to be miserable tears roll down my face like raindrops walking in the rain like where does the pain stop I cant stop thinking about all the mistakes I made that make me so easy to hate

I'm easy to hate, yeah I blame someone else, its so much easier than blaming yourself, I'm easy to hate if I was you I'd hate me too in my life hates not new, yo x2

Hate me cause I couldn't make you stop and say crushing them pills up and snorting them, WHAT? I hate myself for letting you die every time I got a look you momma in the eye hear her talk about her baby, how he O.D off a them O.C. R.I.P C. flashes of the past staring at your ashes hating the fact that I cant change the past and bring you back and put you in the passenger seat have you riding through the city with me crumbling tree I gotta move on (yeah) but I still hear you saying ?J don't stop swinging till they begging you to? I hate the fact that I gotta look back and wonder what I coulda done to stop that your hatred comes at no surprise in reality most days even I don't like me

Chorus x2

Hate me for not carrying you for being fed up and finally thru as much as I could possibly take I've taken from you I'm sick of wondering what to do hate me for giving you space for understanding why you cant look me in the face talk trash talk bad bash my name in but in the end I'm still be Jason when the smoke clears standing here on my own two hate me for moving on without you hate me because we couldn't work as a group cause there was too many sergeants and not enough troops talk trash if it give you a little thrill and if it doesn't well taking them pills will how you gonna hate me homie I know you your behavior made me disown you

Chorus x2

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