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HAYSTAK lyrics : "Car Fulla White Boys"

[Engine cranking & tires squeeling]

It's time to step out on the scene (raise some hell)

I'm drunk as a bi-cycle (cycle)
Can't you tell?
Can't even see straight I'm (cranked as hell)

Gone on that g-g-green (Can't you smell?)
Step out the back seat of a 78 (Chevelle)
Club wasn't jumpin' so we (had to bail)

Fixin' to check out the next spot
My ^!$$%s is 'bout to wreck shop
We don't ask, we just bop

We run up, we get drop
Parking lot crunk (thugs and drug pushers)
Yeah you know the ski-low (blunts and the sub woofers)

Car fulla white boys (there's no doubt)
If some %#@! go down (Slim be the first one out)
Locked up with a fool three times his size

What you need, on yo' team, when it's time to ride
Abuncha dirty white boys, that's not for the game
We will take your $$# to war like Sadum Housane

If you kick my $$#, you gotta do it again
Every time that you see me till I finally win
(And then) I'm kickin' your $$# until I'm content

You're gonna be walkin' 'round for months wearin' my finger prints.
(I'm none of them) goofy, white boys from the movies
Talk %#@! and have to shoot ya (Your hardcore!) absolutely

Take it across your face with a nickel-plated
I think my dog just got dislocated

It's on for tonight boy (Car full of white boys)

All units be on the look out for a (Car full of white boys)
It's on for tonight boy (Car full of white boys)
[siren] (Car full of white boys)

It's on for tonight boy (Car full of white boys)
Dispatch we've got a visual on a (Car full of white boys)
It's on for tonight boy (Car full of white boys)

[siren and engine]

(Aww man) (I ain't throwin' out %#@!)

Looked at my watch it said 11:36
Turned down 2nd Avenue in a big body (*##$

Mean muggin' haters heads bobbin' up and down
Hollerin' southside out the window, my people don't $#[email protected] around
It's like they're lookin' for a reason to straight clown

We get gone on that goo and that straight crown
One hundred proof absolute, ridin' around blazin'
(All cars be on the lookout for a car full of caucasians)

Eyes so tight we could pass for Asians
So if they pull us over play like you don't speak English
Passed some pretty gals, I told my boy to slow down

Man your rides a piece of junk, the window won't roll down
We didn't get no play, from the ladies
(Naw) 6 crackers in the car, are you crazy?

I'm real with them crows, I ain't 'bout to front
Man we out of blunts, pull over fool.


Stopped in circle K and got a box of sweets

Smoked one now we feelin' like (let's get somethin' to eat)
But Wendys was closed, I was mad as hell
I guess we'll go to Waffle House and get a Patty meal

But them omelettes is the bomb, %#@!, toast with jelly and jam
Hashbrowns covered with cheese, chilly, and ham
The awful waffle was packed, but I'm not going to Krystals

I'll be damned if I gotta go in here and eat with a [?] (I swear)
Fools is sendin' signals but not sayin' a word
I ain't payin' them no attention, 'cause I'm high as a bird

I placed my order, ate my food, then walked up out that (*##$ with an attitude
Got in the car, blazed the blunt from out the ashtray
Never liked main street, so we take the backway

My homey said pull-over, but I guess it couldn't wait
'Cause when my body hit the breaks it was like [throws up]


(Car full of white boys) [x7]


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