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HAYSTAK lyrics : "All Alone"

Ah ah Come on.
You are not the only one
Going thru what your going thru you know what I'm saying?

Ah come on ah come on
I don't give a $#[email protected] what position you find yourself in

Just find security knowing somewhere else
someone is going thru the same struggles you are right now
and it's probably me

I remember December middle of a bitter winter
Ass on the trunk feet swinging by the fender

Arguing with you in the freezing cold
I was wrong you aint have to leave me though
Out here $#[email protected] up all alone

And what I really wanna say is come on come home
But I got this load on me
Couldn't be worse than my momma died or my main homie told on me.

Hold me grand mom standing in front of her house
Tears trickle off my cheek and onto her blouse
And I realize now that once she's gone

I'ma truly know the meaning ah being alone when I'm...

[repeat x2]

Allll allone, I don't even care which way I go
I'm just following my radio

What's up to all the home girls?
Caught up in this world
Preoccupied with money and sex powder and x

Little momma I promise its not the solution
I'm aware your life's style is full of confusion
I saw you at my show I had no time to talk

So close your eyes and imagine were taking a walk
Compliment you on your beauty your handsome behind
But at the same time tell ya god gave you a mind

And you should put it to use go back to school
So you can have something with or without these fools
Don't let no dude beat you miss treat you

You deserve to be loved I understand you attracted to thugs
But pick a real mother$#[email protected] that's gonna treat you well
Not no dead beat staying in and out of jail

Its hard when you out here alone and cold
That's the %#@! that make a stripper chick work that pole cuz she's...

[repeat x2]
Allll allone, I don't even care which way I go
I'm just following my radio, rollin

We don't die, we multiply
Alcoholics pre occupied with being high

A work a holic who had seldom if ever rested
A damn fool for letting Cathy leave I contested
Every convicted felon that had ever been arrested

Every quiet child that had ever been molested
Every struggling rapper that had ever made a record
Every average cat that ever came in second

A proud father changed diapers and warmed bottles
Made a honest living and now I'm a role model?
A good dude for your son or daughter to look up to

Be here when the world got em feeling like... $#[email protected] you
Help them see better days and overcome obstacles
They go to school and hurt somebody I'm a feel responsible

Something I could a said something I could have did
To get to them kids I know they felt like they were just...

[repeat x2]
Allll allone, I don't even care which way I go
I'm just following my radio (rollin)

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