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HAYMAKER : Bad, Bad Girl lyrics

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HAYMAKER lyrics : "Bad, Bad Girl"

I lost my dignity last night
I woke up to an angry bear
and I had to run from the fight

my fans all loved me
I was doin' alright
now I'll alone again

not one in sight

I lost my home I lost my things

But they are not that important
except the comfort that they bring
from the feeling of empty that

I have late at night
how can I be so unhappy
When everything I do is right

I'm a bad bad girl
I'm a bad bad girl

i had my day on stage and that's
right where I belong

They all knew my name and they
gladly cheered along
but I don't understand the ugly things you say

like you don't want me around
like you want me to go away
well if you can't recognize perfection

I can't accept your rejection

now my ego is purple bruised and black

but the times I showed them up
well they cannot take that back
and I know that I'm still better

I keep pickin at the scab
with righteous indignation at the victories they had

I'm a bad bad girl
I'm a bad bad girl

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