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Hayes Carll lyrics : "Kmag Yoyo"

Ah, Daddy joined the air force, said it was a good source
danger, love and money but it only led to divorce
ended up in Abilene, working at a Dairy Queen

put me in the Army on the day that I turned seventeen
here I am standing in the desert with a gun
thought of going AWOL but I'm too afraid to run

got myself a new plan, stealing from the Taliban
make a little money turning poppies into [email protected](%
sergeant didn't like it so they put me in a hole

said it's easy shooting when they don't know when to go
threw me on a lily pad sent me home to NORAD.
I knew I'd be in trouble but I didn't think I didn't think it'd be this bad

A stranger wearing all black met me on the tarmac
told him I was sorry but I ain't ever going back.

he said you ain't in trouble son learn to fire without a gun
got a new $$#ignment a workin' for the Pentagon
gonna take a chip wouldn't tell me what it's for

gotta serve your country gonna help us win the war
MIT, Ph'ds night and day they tested me
ain't what I was thinking but I'm being all I can be

I ain't no genius but I knew it wasn't right
eatin uppers in the morning LSD at night
sent me off to deep space help 'em with the arms race

ola, me oh my this %#@! has got a funny taste
I think I hear the countdown
hundred feet above the ground

told me when I'm leaving but a nothing about a coming down.
sitting on a bad dream
1000 pounds of gasoline.

ain't leaving nothing but some rubble in my slip stream.
Momma always said I should be aiming for the moon
never would have guessed it I'll be passing by soon.

how the hell'd I get here blasting thru the atmosphere
drop the rocket boosters and I'm shifting into high gear.
Bowie on the system and a bottle on my knee

Armstrong ain't got nothing on me.
Ay O here we go
KMAG YOYO someone want a git me

gotta come up where the sun don't go

I think I see a bright light something about it ain't right.

lay down in a space ship woke up in a fire fight.
tripping from the morphine
came down in a bad scene

God don't let me die here. I ain't even nineteen.
I won't ever ask you Lord for anything again
swear it on the Bible Torah Koran

dying in a Rhino track
trying to have a heart attack
IED got to me

someone call the medivac
I need some fixin after where it is I've been
never gonna go and try to shoot a gun again.

slipping out the back door
gonna join the Peace Corp.
tell me I'm a hero now

someone else can fight this war.

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