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Have Heart : Song Of Shame lyrics

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Have Heart lyrics : "Song Of Shame"

Let me tell you a story about the man who loved to play with fire
he's the backfired rocketship, he's the seed that never splits
some trees just cant bloom....they'll never

born in a life of opportunity with every chance to excel
instead took his $#&@ing chances with the cheapest [email protected]#$ thrills
he'd do anything, he'd take anything for a moments satisfaction

sweet seconds of pleasure could never measure to his agonizing life
of addiction

in the dark night, he tries to remember a future so bright
"it wont happen to me,
it wont happen to me,

it wont happen to me"
thats what they always $#&@ing say.

the man who thinks hes-above misery and hurt and harm and pain
is the main who lives his life tightly bound as a slave in chains
in chains

in chains
in chains of a neverending abyss
in chains of an artificial bliss

and he lives just like a slave
for giving his life away for nothing.

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