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Have Heart : Life Is Hard Enough lyrics

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Have Heart lyrics : "Life Is Hard Enough"

Ambitions fail, complications hail all when
my insecurities all $#&@ing prevail.
do i turn to a drink or into what i really wanna be?

is a substance gonna be the crutch thats gonna
set me $#&@ing free?
the pressure rises and i feel the strain

the doubt begins and confusions reign
directionless where do i turn
don't fail me now the one thing that i've learned...

i've learned the strength to $#&@ing push it aside
we know, we know i got the strength inside
you know i got it and i know it so i'll show it

to live, with pain...the choice is in my hands
thats just an anchor that'll drown you man
we know, we know you got the strength inside

to defeat the problems of our lives
without, the "crutch" ...cause we all know
life is hard enough as it is.

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