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Hatsune Miku lyrics : "Hello/How Are You"

(Hello!) I opened my window, whispering so no one would hear
(How are you?) In my room all alone, and no one is near
(Morning!) It's morning yet again, the world is showering in rain

(Tick-tack) Would someone please rewind my spring quickly, for me?

(Hello!) I really thought that kind of guy, only came in anime

(How are you?) Oh, I am so jealous, that others loves so naturally
(Sleeping) I have to stop with saying these things, and start preparing on my own
(Crying) So I can hide my tears, because I'm alone

"Oh well whatever" has become my phrase
That line from yesterday it came and left without a single eye gaze

"Hey, I don't have any expectation of you anymore"
You are right, I do not myself
I don't have any expectations of me anymore

Hey but still, I wonder what the things you say are for?

But what came, words of shame, escaping from my throat again

But they were, all they were, nothing but dirty lies
And today their all I say, that is the price I have to pay
And so it goes, and no on knows if it will ever stop

Tell me, why do you intend to keep your secret?
Are you scared that they will laugh if they will know it?

Or is it that you do not want to have a so called: "friend"?
Is all this really true?
I'm in a sea of contradiction, I don't know how to get up

And I am suffering because I feel my breath will stop
I only have an urge to listen to a gentle voice
I'm weak and have no choice

I'm not anywhere and even with my preparation
I start thinking with some irritation

"Hey, I'm tired so I'll find a reason good enough for rest"
I know, I know, I didn't mean it
I'm really kidding, that is what it really is

But I'm not going to rest, so don't get mad at me

Just be happy or miserable, it was your free choice since long ago

Morning sun will always rise, it is cruel but it is fair
I'm already trying hard just to live and to stay on guard
What else do you expect me to achieve with what I am?

Tell me, why do you intend to tell what's untrue?
Is it that you wish that anyone could love you?

Or is it that someone was letting go or walked away?
Do you recall the day?
And if my life is organized like work and I can stamp my card

I wonder when I'm free because I think my work is hard
And who will pay me for the suffering I always felt?
I've been living for awhile

(Thank you!) I should say what is true and tell you "thank you"
(Thank you!) I should say what is true and tell you "thank you"

(Thank you!) If even just one time, I'll say how I feel
Feel like screaming, feel like crying, feel like shouting out of wildness
from my heart 'cause I just want to thank you

Tell me, why do you intend to keep your secret?
Do you really want that I should ask to know it?

I will promise you that there's no way I will laugh
So why not tell me how you feel?
There's really no way I will know if you don't talk out to me

You can't convey what I don't know thinking simply
What a troublesome kind of creature are we again?
The "human", that is right

3x Hello! How are you?
To you, I'll say: Hello! How are you?

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