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HATEFUL MONDAY lyrics : "It's In The Air"

She was a modern teen just living on her own
The taste of lipstick yet she thinks she's not alone
One day somebody put a baby in her womb

Sometimes she screams for help but everybody's gone

And if you stare too long it makes you wanna cry

Then if you burn your eyes
It makes you wanna die

What a shame but that's just the way it goes
You wake up feeling good you end up in a grave
A wave of desperation you'd better ponder it

Cause if you're down there will be something to keep you lower

There was a sullen kid just staring at the wall

He said "Nothing is fine, I oughta change it all"
Nobody really cared so they just let him go
He could have been someone no one will ever know

Millions of people living everyday
Here and then in unison

Ricj, poor, old, lonely, guilty, innocent
Diversity breads misery

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