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HASN : Nothing I cant do lyrics

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HASN lyrics : "Nothing I cant do"

I gave up, once, still everything ive done, every song i've sung, i would want nothing undone. Regret nothing i've done, would'nt pressed the resetbutton. Wouldnt let beasts come in, i keep the demons at a distance, i summon consistant resistance, my soul is protected, neglected the dark side, now im on the rise, what a surprise, that i, would realise what i was good at, i did what i had to, maybe not what i should have, but to feel good u should've felt bad. If you let me feel u, i'll do that.

Lookin back at it all, i dont really understand how i kept myself away from the freefall. If i made it out of those times, i can do anything, even beat yall. Never settle for anything, gettin ahead of everything, thats my medicine. Im mentaly takin a walk inside of all of my memories, dont regret a thing, cause im the future me because of it, never quit, or even worse, sell out, to describe what im doin u gotta use different nouns, u think im rappin different now, just wait and see how, im not done evolving the sounds.

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