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Hank Williams Jr. : The night time and my baby lyrics

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Hank Williams Jr. lyrics : "The night time and my baby"

Well I work like a dog eight hours a day you know I'm nearly dead

When I stop by a bar on my way home and loosen up my head

Lord knows this is a hard life sometimes it'll drive a man crazy

And there ain't no pleasure in this life for me but the nighttime and my baby

Well I'd love to ride all over town in a brand new Cadillac

But on the money that I'm makin' it'll never be like that

But money don't buy everything

Like tender love that I always got at home just a waitin'

And the only pleasure in this life for me is the nighttime and my baby

When I get home she's always got good lovin' saved up for me

Her warm sweet lips will make me forget all of my misery

With her arms wrapped around me all through the long long night

I wake up in the morning feeling right mighty right

Start back to that old job again with the boss standin' over me

Sayin' hurry up you gotta do your work that's the way it's gonna be

Ten hours just keep on draggin' Lord don't you know that this life of mine ain't easy

But I wanna thank you for sendin' me the nighttime and my baby

Yeah I wanna thank you very much for sendin' me the nighttime and my baby

Oh I don't know bout makin' a nap if it wadn't for the nighttime and my baby

I believe I'd lose my mind if I didn't have the nighttime and my baby

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