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Hank Snow lyrics : "Restless One"

This old train is speeding southbound and her whistle moans the blues
And my heart's as cold as the ice and snow that fills these walkin' shoes
That old smoke-stack keeps barkin' back to me and seems to say

We'll carry you on, oh, restless one.

I had mushed my way on a husky sleigh, to the land of midnight sun

And i kissed the squaw at the wigwam door, many times i faced a gun
Brown eskimo didn't want me to go, when i told her i must run
And she gave me the name of the restless one.

Then i strolled into a tavern in that frozen land afar
Where i met a beautiful indian maid, she was known as the morning star

Her eyes were bright like the northern lights, when they chase the arctic moon
And i knew she was born for the restless one.

As we danced i gently kissed her in the path of the morning sun
Love was sweet and oh, so blissful, with a romance just begun
The restless one had gone and fell in love with the yukon queen

And she fell in love with the restless one.

Through the door came an angry red-skin, on his head was a beaded band

I was courtin' the wife of an indian chief, who ruled with an iron hand
With a knife he run, but i pulled my gun and i shot him to the floor
Then the hunt began for the restless one.

Many days and nights they trailed me out under the northern sky
Where the wild birds song was mournful and the timber wolf did cry

But they tracked me down and i'm 'frisco bound, i've made my final run
It's the end of the line for the restless one...

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Thanks to alexandra_feaa