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Halestorm lyrics : "What Were You Expecting"

I know what you must be thinking
But you're not right
You show know I'm not your baby

Not tonight
I never was
The kind of girl to trip and fall in love

I never was
The kind to say enough is not enough
I never was

The touchy, feely, co-dependent kind
I like the feeling but I'm not on cloud nine
Ya love it ya hate it

Ya think it ya say it
Ya want it ya need it
I tell ya but don't believe it

What were you expecting?

Another lullaby?
Are you kidding?
You must be high

Cause it was just one kiss
Yeah, yeah, yeah

I don't need your flowers, they'll just go to waste
I don't want your candy cause I don't like the taste
There never was

A possibility I'd stick around
It never was
My intention to let you down

The kind of girl that's good at playin house
Ya want it ya need it
I tell ya but you don't believe it


Everything about you makes me scream
Be a man and get up off your knees
I'm trying to say this in the nicest way

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