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Halestorm lyrics : "Dirty Mind"

I just called to hear you breathe
Whisper in my ear
Tell me everything i need to hear

It seems like the love we make
Is just as good when you're away
Things you say i can feel

I don't need to have you here

To feel you crashing into me
I'm better off this way, yeah
Not hearing me complain

And i don't need to taste your lips
I've satisfied my appetite
Me and my dirty mind

Been working overtime

I hear your voice on the phone

Imagine what you're wearing
To do something right gotta do it myself, yeah.
You left me here all alone

I take matters into my own hands
I just might burn in hell, yeah.

Chorus x1

Can you keep up? is that all you got?

You're wasting all my precious time
Don't need your permission
turn the ignition, and ill race you to

The finish line

Chorus x1

Working overtime...

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Thanks to alexandra_feaa