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H.A.W.K lyrics : "This Is For The Real"

(feat. Small Boy)

[Small Boy:]

I'm blessed with skills, and marvelous
And them daughters, fathers, mothers
This is something I give to you, from my soul

And it goes

[Hook: Small Boy]

This one's for my people, around the way
To all the ones, who keep it player made
For staying down, with H-A-W-K

May you thought, keep it real
Dirty South, for my G's
The haters, run up in the streets

You're the ones, that ride or die for me


To the real, who been down since day one
The ones that know H.A.W.K., but also know John
To my mom's, you mean the world to me

And you are the roots, to our family tree
Tina, Paula and me and P-A-T
You gave us all, L-I-F-E

I thank God for you, and all that you do
And I'm gon make sure, all your dreams come true
We had some rough times, no lights no gas

Days without cash, that's the reason I mash
We gon have the last laugh, I promise you that
I put that on Pat, cause I promised him that

To my sisters Tina, Paula, Monique
With y'all support, I will reach my peak
And last but not least, there's Fat Patrick and Leash

And my son Todd, they make me complete


To all my real cats, who grew up with me and Pat

Y'all showed me love, now I'm giving it back
Al and Ron-G, Stick to Kiwi
T-O-B-E, and 3-8 and D

My peeps at A.G., Smooth and Big D
Wild Child and 3, Duke and Jimmy D
Them boys off Botany, Lil' Ke and Pokey

Clay-Doe and Mike D, Paul and Big E
Hill and Country, Z-Ro and Big T
My ^!$$% Sean P, and my dog Tim G

The whole S.U.C., is my family
And both of them, K-Y-L-E
R-A-B-B, M-A-R-V

And of course I can't forget, F-U-Z-Z
The Hubert Family, stay strong for Pee-Wee
Cool and the Gang, up there and Jamie


To Godfather and Dre, them boys from the Tre
Lil' Black and Shaunte, N.O. and Kay-K

L, Snoop and Rod, my boy Chris Ward
My boys from the 4, you know they go hard
Larro and Stank, and my ^!$$% Crank

And them Riggs brothers, they gone off the drank
Paulette and B, Mig and Nickey
Billy and that T, thay play spades with me

Devany told me, you boys my homie
Cause a real ^!$$%, don't mess with fonies
To my ^!$$%z on lock, what's up Pop and Rock

Chad, Dez and 3rd them boys from my block
To the Blount brothers, man I feel your pain
What happened to Big George, was a god damn shame

H.A.W.K. doing his thang, I'm focused man
And lost but not least, this one's for my fans


Yeah T-Bone (Pablo, Mama Lou)
All them yeah, (Den Den) Dominique (Black Trump)

[Small Boy:]
I'm blessed with skills, and marvelous
And them daughters, fathers, mothers
This is something, I give to you from my soul

And it goes



And for those I forgot, no hard feelings baby
It just didn't fit, the rhyme scheme

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