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GZA lyrics : "Investigative Reports"

Featuring Ghostface Killah, Raekwon & U-God

"Here we go, come on"

"A battle-A battle was fought, in Brooklyn..."
"Hessian Soldiers killed 3,000 men; much of the fighting
Took place in what is now Prospect Park in Greenwood cemetery

As well as the Park Slope and Gow [email protected]#* neighborhoods"
"This was the first battle, of America"

[Intro/Outro: U-God]
Rugged rhymsters, crooked crimesters
Dime droppers, Twenty-five-to-lifers

Backstabbers, low blowers
Illegal... cocaine growers
Starvation, profanity

Anxiety, brothers trying me
Gun slingers, dead ringers

[Verse 1: Raekwon the Chef]
Yo, my slang's out of this world
Mix collaboration man, little man and his girl

Way of life got me thinking, plus I'm [email protected]#^yzing young
Youths on roofs, you know, three time felony brutes
Roll together, tropical trees puff, whatever

Yo we could go run up on, kids for leathers
What drug? Faculties bubble keys for G's
Cream flow like seven seas, hit chicks Guyanese

Word up, hold your head before you fall out
The morgue route, the devil want that
Let's get my ^!$$%s locked all out

Change for better, that be my only vendetta
With life, feed your seed right, he's breathing indeed right
Chef, remarkable, sparkable, raps and tackable gats

Never get jacked, see ya then move black
Paradise trife, plush with much ice
Getting nice, laying back, sleep all my life

Word up!

"The battle of Brooklyn depicted was the bloodiest

Clash of the American revolution. Soldiers killed
3,000 men, much of the fighting took place in what is now..."

[Hook: U-God]
Crack patients, dime smokers
Vial carriers, mocha tokers

Burnt buildings, brothers building
Save the children, investigative reports!

[Verse 2: GZA]
Calling all cars, calling all cars! Ghetto
Psychos, armed and dangerous, leaving mad scars on those

Who are found bound, gagged and shot when they blast the spot
Victims took off like astronauts
Get with this, even your best can't

Come on down, you're the next contestant!
Get your pockets dug from all your Chemical Bank ends
Caught him at the red light - on Putnam Avenue and Franklin

They used to heat up the cipher with a shot that was hyper
Than your average JFK sniper
He just came home from Spofford

Rolling like Kaufman, and laid that $$# out like carpet
Stop the stuttering boy, save complaints for the five-oh
Then praise the God - chk-a-chk POW!

They release shots and premeditate to grab
And then they jet back to the lab
And then remain in Shaolin, an endangered island

Where shorties lose blood by the gallons

"Have integrated a number of corrupt cops, judges

...into high-level positions, to insure the continued
Success of the drug smuggling and money laundering operations"

[Hook: U-God]

[Verse 3: Ghostface]

Yo, I grab the pen for revenge and let loose, see
Like Muslims, standing on the block, rocking a kufi
The hundred-dollar kick rocking kid's back for more
Starting gold wars, with black Reeboks and Velours
Jungle way of life, living villain

Packed with visions, copywritten
Throwing bread to pigeons, Christ has risen
King Elegant, slang master, jack expensive noodle hats
In sixty-nine, old timers time that brothers shot craps
The baggy blue Guess jeans, pull strings off in Palm Springs

I'm locked in the bing, Rocky ring labelled rap king
The corner emperor - the golden thieves play the benches
Rednecks be hanging big ^!$$%s down in Memphis
Back in Now-Y, hit the bull's eye with loaded nines
Life is like Tarzan, swinging from a thin vine

Shatter dreams, then mirrors don't need a press spirals
Aim at the white shadows with big barrels
Of Moet-ers, the bald headers, milk and Armarettas
Who fear none, crushing all personal vendettas, yo
They use guns while we angrily shot arrows

You better keep your eye on the sparrow


"Have integrated a number of corrupt cops, judges and lawyers
Into high-level positions -- to insure the continued success

Of the drug smuggling and money laundering operations"

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